Mentoring is important to me, I'm always happy to share contacts and knowledge with people. I've previously mentored entrepreneurs with MassChallenge (a global start-up incubator) and currently work with Sheffield University's widening participation team to help working class students new to higher education.

My training and professional development is pretty up to date. In my last role I did external training courses in line management, leadership and creative coaching. And outside of work I've done courses in digital storytelling and transmedia production with iDrops in Belgium.

I used to do a lot of work in comedy. I've produced comedy short-films (one won an award, we secured sponsorship with brands, and we made it to Cannes. Long story), run my own stand-up comedy clubs, and I completed a comedy production training with Creative Skillset at the BFI.

Through the British Council's Creative Entrepreneur programme I've developed a global creative network. I've led three projects - in Moscow (2011), New Delhi (2012) and in Japan (2015) - that were all about harnessing innovation and creativity for social good.

Finally, I'm proud of being a working Dad. I work flexibly and share childcare with my wife to ensure I spend at least two-days a week with my son Wallace.